Piano Finders

Mission Statement

Piano Finders Mission Statement

  1. To provide buyers and sellers Internet tools and other services that makes piano purchases and sales easier, more efficient and ethical.
  2. To provide buyers and sellers educational information, products and services that will help them to make sense of the marketplace and to understand how it can provide them the things they need and want.
  3. To rebuild and refinish used pianos using effective methods that achieve top quality results so that our clients can have their pianos brought up to their potential within a reasonable period of time and budget.
  4. To create and promote piano appraisal and inspection standards that will increase professionalism in the industry and enable accurate communication between experts.
  5. To provide Internet tools and other services that allow salespeople to expand their marketplace, support their piano sales and increase their effectiveness and income opportunities.
  6. To accumulate a knowledge base of information pertinent to buyers, sellers, technicians, teachers, salespeople, dealers, suppliers and manufacturers. To make this knowledge base available on the Internet to the public and to industry professionals for the purpose of improving the standards of education, performance and production in the piano industry.
  7. To provide teachers and musicians with Internet tools and services that will encourage their continued contributions to the field of music and stimulate the public's continued interest in the piano as an instrument.
  8. To behave in an ethical, predictable and professional manner in all our relationships.