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Piano For Sale: 1926 Baldwin Grand

SOLD 1926 Baldwin 5'8" Grand Piano : $13,500 US Dollars Rebuilt in August 2006 by Piano Finders

Photo of Baldwin

Photo of 1926 Baldwin Grand for Sale

Piano's Personal History:

1926 Baldwin 5 '8 " Grand. Satin Ebony. Serial No. 52964

This is an original owner piano and kept in good condition. It was recently donated to a nonprofit organization and rebuilt by Piano Finders. It is in beautiful condition. It sounds great and has a big full bass, singing midrange and clear bell-like treble.

This piano was built to last. It has more sustain in the tone than a 6'1" Kawai, Boston or Yamaha Grand because of its wet sand cast plate and because the construction of the rim is made from maple and other hardwoods. The Asian made pianos use a vacuum plate casting process and softer woods in their rims that cause the tone to die faster. For those who prefer the richness and warmth of a full and sustained tone, this piano is ideal.

Included in the price is a new duet hardtop bench which will be ordered to match the piano. The artist bench in the photo does not come with the piano. If buyer wants an artist bench, a similar one can be ordered for wholesale cost.

Expert Appraisal and Inspection Reports:

Technician's Inspection Report

Market Summary for this Brand:

Baldwins and Steinways are the two top concert pianos still made in the United States today.

Market Evaluation for this Piano:

Vintage Baldwins, like Vintage Steinways are considered desirable pianos, because of their superior design and quality. The nearest new equivalent would be a new Baldwin R which retails between $36,000 to 64,000.

Moving Details:

Buyer pays shipping.The cost may vary from $150 - $300 for a local move and $950 for a cross country move. The piano is currently in Walnut Creek, CA

Transaction Details:

Piano Finders handles escrow services for all brokerage pianos, free of charge. Buyer is required to sign a Piano Purchase Offer Contract and receive a signature from a Piano Finders representative before piano will be taken off the market.

Tax Issues:

There is no tax on this piano. This is because the CA State Board of Equalization has approved our brokerage contracts between buyer and seller as non-taxable and they have taught us how to determine which transactions are taxable and which are not. Also, non-profit organizations that sell their donations, are not required to charge tax.


Piano is being sold with a 5 year Limited Piano Finders Warranty on for parts and labor related to the rebuild done by Piano Finders. A written warranty will be given to buyer upon the sale of the piano.

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