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General Description by Seller

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Brand: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Brand")%>
Age: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Age")%>
Sales Price: $<%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"SalesPrice")%>
Serial Number: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"SerialNumber")%>
Size: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Feet")%> '<%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Inches")%> "
Type: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Type")%>
Model : <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Model")%>
Style: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Style")%>
Finish: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Finish")%>
Keytops: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Keytops")%>
Pedals: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Pedals")%>
Player or other Mechanism Added: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"AddCalc")%>  
Country Piano   Manufactured In: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"Country")%>  
City Piano Located: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"CityPianoLocated")%>  
State Piano Located: <%=FP_FieldVal(fp_rs,"StatePianoLocated")%>  
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Piano Finders 
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Contact Seller Now:

  • To preserve the privacy of our sellers and buyers, we do not publish names and contact information on this website.  If you would like to contact the seller of this piano in order to obtain more information about it, or to view it, please email us at /contactus.htm  and give us the ID number of the piano and request to contact the seller.  Please be sure to include your full name, email, phone numbers and other contact information so that we can also give this information to the seller.  We will send both of you information about each other so that you can be in touch as soon as possible.

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Buy Piano Now:

  • Piano Finders will handle all details of the escrow and moving arrangements free of charge for any piano that is listed through our brokerage.  In order to buy the piano, you simply need to submit a Piano Purchase Offer.  If the price you are offering is the same as the price listed here, then your offer will usually be accepted within 3 days, provide the piano is still for sale, and there is no higher offer being made at the same time.  (Piano Finders has required that the seller pre-agree to sell the piano for the price listed here and if they refuse a viable offer, they must pay a penalty).  If you make an offer that is less than the price listed here, the seller will be under no obligation to accept that offer.  However, we will present it to the seller on your behalf.  Before offering less, we recommend that you email us at buypianonow@pianofinders.com  and let us know what you want to offer, so we can discuss the details.
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