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Edith Hanley's 
Comparison of 4 Steinway's in Today's Market

  Details Piano #1 Piano #2 Piano #3 Piano #4  
  Time to Find 1-2 weeks 1-2 years 1-8 weeks 1-8 weeks  
  Time from Purchase to Deliver 1-14 days 1-14 days 1-14 days 1-14 days  
  Piano's Quality Potential  Superior Superior Superior Superior  
  $ Needed to = PFSS $0-$2000 $0 $0 $6,500 to $8,500   
  Touch Superior Superior Superior Good  
  Tone Excellent Superior Superior Good  
  Durability Superior Superior Superior Fair  
  Appearance Superior Superior Superior Excellent  
  Investment Value Good Excellent Superior Fair  
  Price $41,400 $29,000 $26,000 $23,000  


Rating Key
100% Superior
80% Excellent
60% Good
40% Fair
20% Poor


Rating Key:  The Ratings indicated in the Comparison Chart above are based upon the % rating in indicated in the PFSS Test for that piano.  Thus Superior means 100% of PFSS on the scale of 6' Grand Pianos.

Piano #1 = New Steinway About to Be Purchased, Model L, 5'10 1/2" Grand, Classic Style Cabinet, satin ebony finish, plastic keytops.  Piano can have up to $2000 worth of touch and tone work done to improve tone and touch and bring it up to the Piano Finders Superior Standard (PFSS).  Buyer and Dealer have not yet negotiated who will pay for this work and whether it is included in the price of the piano.  Piano includes 5 year warranty, bench, tuning and delivery.  See PFFS Test Results #1 for details on how this piano measured against the PFSS standard.  Link to Photo #1.

Piano #2 = Rebuilt & Refinished 1910 Steinway ), work just completed in the shop, Model O, 5'11" Grand, Classic Style Cabinet with some detailing on legs, music rack & lyre, satin ebony finish, plastic keytops.  Piano has had all work done to bring it up to PFSS. Piano includes 5 year warranty, bench, tuning and delivery.  See PFFS Test Results for details on how this piano measured against the PFSS standard.  Link to Photo #2.

Piano #3 = A Kendall Ross Bean Classic Piano.  Buyer decides they want a piano rebuilt and refinished for them to the PFSS.  They commission Piano Finders to find the piano for them that needs rebuilding and refinishing. The piano found is a (the one we had in our house - find appraisal & photo) Steinway O.  After purchasing it, the buyer commissions Piano Finders, under the direction of Kendall Ross Bean, to restore the piano.  Buyer makes custom decisions on color of hardware, ivory keytops, color of nameboard felt, and color of finish on cabinet on plate.  Buyer also receives a photo album with photos of the piano before, during and after rebuilding and refinishing.  Piano includes 5 year warranty from Piano Finders, bench, tuning and delivery.  See PFSS for details on what the standard this piano will be rebuilt to.  Link to Photo #3.

Piano #4 = 1916 Steinway O, 5'10 1/2", satin mahogany, Classic Style Cabinet with some detailing on legs, music rack & lyre.  Piano will require $6,500 - 8,500 of work to bring it up to PFSS (have KRB look at appraisal and do a new page #6 with current values and making sure that improvements will bring it up to PFSS)  See R1.2 Piano Inspection  & Estimate and R1.1 Piano Values & Upgrades Report for specifics on this pianos current condition and how it compares to its potential (This is an actual piano that sold within the past year, names and serial number have been removed)  See PFSS Test for details on how this piano compares against the PFSS.  Link to Photo #4  (This is a photo of Steinway of same vintage and cabinet style of this piano.)

Why did Edith Hanley chose to buy a new Steinway Grand?  

Edith had a unique situation.  I was not given the information as to why her son had only given her 30 days to make her decision, but that was the time limitation she had to work with.  Edith could not afford to buy a quality grand for herself, so if she didn't take advantage of her son's offer during the time given, then she would not have a choice of any Steinway Grand.  She also came on the market at a time when there were no pianos in Piano #2 category available.  Piano #3 would not work because it would take more than 30 days.  So the only two viable choices that she had were Piano #1 & #4.  She wanted the best touch, tone, quality and durability in a piano, since this was her once in a lifetime opportunity.  Piano #1 was better sounding, felt better and was more durable than Piano #4.  Price was not an issue.  Her son had told her he would buy her any 6' grand that she chose as long as it met the time restraints.   Investment value was not an issues, since she had no plans to sell the piano in her lifetime and her son was not buying this piano as an investment.  The new piano dealer gave her a selection of several Steinway L's on the same showroom floor.  She was able to choose a piano she wanted and have it delivered within 30 days.  Piano #1 was the best choice for her.


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