Pianos Rebuilt by Piano Finders

Pianos Rebuilt by Piano Finders
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1870's Steinway C 7'6" 85 note Grand Piano Rebuilt and Refinished by Piano Finders.  We put a new soundboard, strings, hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens, and pinblock in this piano.   This piano's soundboard and pinblock design were more complicated than those of Steinways made in later years.   A lovely instrument!   By coincidence, we were rebuilding another Steinway C, that was almost the same serial number as this one at the same time.   That means that both of these pianos were built in the New York Steinway factory new at the same time and both were rebuilt in our shop at the same time more than 100 years later.  They came to us from New York and San Francisco.   One is now in Wisconsin and the other in Texas.



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