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Pianos for Sale

Piano Finders acts as a broker for pianos for sale when they have already inspected and appraised the piano and contracted to sell it for a non-profit organization or private party. For more information about pianos currently for sale, or about listing your piano for sale see: Pianos for Sale.

Piano Rebuilding and Repairs

Piano Finders rebuilds and repairs pianos. Pianos come from all over the contiguous United States to our shop in the San Francisco East Bay Area. If you are interested in having your piano rebuilt by us, Contact Us with information about your piano and what your needs are.

Piano Concerts by Kendall Ross Bean

Kendall Ross Bean, Concert pianist and co-owner of Piano Finders, continues to perform in the following settings:

Soirees: In the homes of our favorite piano lovers in the San Francisco Bay Area. These concerts are often given on pianos that Kendall Ross Bean personally rebuilt.
Children's Concerts in the Schools
Concerts for Television

If you are interested in arranging for a Kendall Ross Bean performance in your location, Contact Us with information about the details.