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If you cannot find a technician on this list in the area you are looking for, go to http://www.ptg.org and search under Registered Piano Technicians.  Piano Finders listing does not constitute a referral to a particular technician.  Piano Finders allows technicians to list their names and information freely and we don't do a background check.  The Piano Technician's Guild only tests technicians for their skills in tuning and simple in-house repairs.  Most piano rebuilders have skills that far exceed those required for membership in the PTG and many excellent rebuilders are not members of the PTG.  When hiring a technician, you can ask them to provide you information that will help you verify their business practices.  For example, if they have a business license, then you can check with the city that the license is issued from to see if it is current.  If they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can check with the local chapter in their area to see if their record is free of complaints.  You can also ask for referrals.


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