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There is a lot more to selling a piano than most people realize. Whether you choose to sell a piano on your own out of your home or to send it to a showroom floor, it takes time, connections, knowledge and expertise to sell a piano.   Piano Finders can help you know your options; save you time and help you get a fair value for your piano. 

Table of Contents

1.  Free Information

2.  Consultation Services

  1.   A Beginning Place for Sellers

  2.    Defining Your Values and Priorities

  3.    Choosing How You Want to Sell -

3.  Appraisals, Listing Your Piano for Sale and Other Services

4.  Piano Finders:  Rebuilding the Vintage Piano.  For those considering rebuilding their piano before selling it.


1.    Free information.   The following articles have already been included on this web site.

Table of Contents

2.     Consultation services.   Piano Finders offers consultation to help educate you about the piano market, help you decide the best ways to sell the type of piano you have in the time frame you have to sell it.  Piano Finders consultant are available to discuss how the options match your values and the priorities that you have set for yourself.

A Beginning Place for Sellers

The following questions are answered in the Sellers FAQ's Web Pages:  

  • How much is my piano worth?
  • How do I determine the value of a piano without paying a professional?
  • Should I sell my piano out of my house?
  • Who else can help me sell my piano?
  • When can donating a piano be more beneficial to me than selling it for cash?
  • When does accepting barter dollars for a piano benefit me?

Table of Contents

Defining Your Values and Priorities

Early in the selling process, it helps to think about what is important to you.  The more you know about what you want the easier it is to decide how to go about selling your piano.

Ruling out the things you don't want is sometimes the easiest way save yourself time in decision making.  (It helps however to know what the options are before you start the narrowing down process.  You may overlook a particular option that would be perfect if you  had known that it was available.

If you feel you do not have enough information about the value of your piano and what the issues are when selling your piano from its current location, you may want to arrange for a Consultation with one of us.   

Table of Contents

Choosing How You Want to Sell

There are several ways to sell a piano.  Please select the option below that best describes your needs, and situation: 

___  I really don't have the time or desire to try and sell the piano myself from my home. Or- I am moving very soon and don't have enough time to sell the piano, and I need a place to store it and show it for sale.  Or-  I like to keep my privacy.  I do not want strangers coming to my home. I would like to find out what options are available for moving the piano out of my home to a showroom or other place of sale. (If you would like to contact a seller agent who can help you sell your piano or do the work of selling it for you, please fill out the Seller's Piano Listing Request Form

___I would like to sell my piano from my home. (If you want to list your piano for sale on our website, or are interested in receiving advice on how Piano Finders can best help you do this, please fill out the Seller's Piano Listing Request Form

___ I would like the help of an expert before placing my piano up for sale. But I'm not sure if I want a complete inspection and appraisal at this point. I would be interested in getting an estimate or range of what the piano might be worth.   (If you want to find out what your piano might be worth fill out the Ballpark Price and Piano Information Order Form

___ I want to make sure I'm not asking too much or too little for my piano. I don't want to list it for too high a price, so that it doesn't sell, but I also don't want to list it for too low a price so that I sell it for less than it's really worth. I want to make sure I am asking a fair price for the instrument. I also want to make sure I am representing its condition properly to prospective buyers. I would be interested in having a document verifying the condition and value of the piano.  (For an inspection and written verification of the piano's condition and value, by an experienced technician and market specialist, see Appraisals)

Table of Contents 

Table of Contents

3.     Appraisal and other Services.  Sellers can purchase all of the same services available to any client of Piano Finders.  For more information about these services see: 


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