Step by Step Guide to Buying a Piano 
One: Assess What You Know and Don't Know.


This guide was written for those who wish to have more information before proceeding to buy a piano.

Many buyers feel overwhelmed when they first realize that buying a piano is not as easy as going to the store and picking out something to buy the same day they see it.  In fact, it is easy to feel like it is just too difficult to stop and take some time to learn about pianos when there may be so many other things going on in your life.  This is certainly understandable.  If you feel this way, you are not alone.  This is a natural and predictable response shared by many.  But making a mistake about what you buy can cost you thousands of dollars if you are not careful.  Buying wisely can give you a lifetime of satisfaction that is well worth the initial struggle to know and find what you want.

If you prefer to study things, this Step by Step process takes through the details we feel are important.  It will take some time to read through and complete.

If you are now ready to learn what we feel is a helpful process for buying a piano, assessing what you know and don't know can help you figure out where you are today.  Sometimes it is good to know what your beginning place is before you can determine what you need to learn or do next.  

Take a moment to answer these questions about yourself today.   

  1. I know what city, state, country I will be moving the piano to after I buy it

  2. I know what building and room I will be placing the piano in after I buy it. Describe:

  3. I know what position in the room I will be placing the piano in. Describe:

  4. I know what people are likely to be playing the piano after we buy it. Select any of the following options that apply:

    I would like to play the piano
    My children would like to play the piano
    My grandchildren would like to play the piano
    Guests would like to play the piano
    A hired pianist will play the piano for events
    A player piano unit will play the piano
    I don't know who will play the piano
    I am not buying the piano for the purpose of having
    it played.

  5. I know how to make decisions if I have access to useful and adequate information about a problem

    Yes No

  6. I know how to set my own priorities about what I choose to spend my money on.

    Yes No

  7. I remember what other buying decisions I have made in the past and can draw on that experience when buying a piano.

    Yes No

  8. I know that the following people will want to be involved in this piano buying decision process:

    My spouse or partner
    My children
    My grandchildren
    A piano teacher that I already know
    A piano technician that I already know
    A pianist that I already know

  9. I can listen to a piano and know whether or not I like the tone of it and if it will suit the needs of those playing it and listening to it.

    Yes No

  10. I can play a piano and determine if it has a touch I like and whether it will suit the needs of those who will play it.

    Yes No

  11. I know what I like in a piano's appearance and can determine whether it will suit our needs by looking at a photo or seeing the piano in person.

    Yes No

  12. I know how important a piano's quality of design, materials and construction is to me and what it means in terms of tone, touch, durability and price.

    Yes No

  13. I know how long I want this piano to last before it needs major parts replacement or service.

    Yes No

  14. I know how to examine a piano to determine what condition it is in, whether it needs parts servicing or replacement.

    Yes No

  15. I know how to tell if a piano is at its potential and whether or not touch and tone work will improve it and by how much.

    Yes No

  16. I know how to determine the current market value of a piano.

    Yes No

Once you have completed this form, print it out.  You will need it later in the step-by-step process.   (all information in this form is completely confidential and is not submitted to or retained by our computer)



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