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Something Now?

If you have something you need to do, and you have come here for help, then there are certain parts of the site that will take you to what you need the quickest:

Buying a piano?  
Go to the Piano Buyers section.  This section leads you to pianos for sale, education online, a price comparison guide and a buyer's Decide Guide.

Selling a piano?  
Go to the Piano Sellers Section.  There you will find links that will allow you to list your piano for sale, shop the pianos wanted section to see if buyers are already looking for what you have, etc.

Maintaining, repairing or upgrading a piano?  
Go to the Piano Owners Section.

Buying piano related products and services?  
Go to the Products and Services section to search the Piano Finders Store.  This is where you will find piano benches, lights, covers, castor cups and other piano accessories.  It is also a source of consulting, appraising and other online services to help you out.
Are You a Piano Business Professional?

If you are, go to the section that describes what you do for the latest on things that will interest you: 

  1. Piano Teachers

  2. Piano Technicians

  3. Piano Salespeople


Need information about our site and the way we do business? Check out the various links you will find in the navigation bars.
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Want to buy a service?  If you are ordering and paying online, you will be asked the questions needed by our store to process your request.  




Entering password protected sections of our Website? Some services will require you have special permission to enter password protected parts of our site.  For example, if you are buying the Piano Price Comparison Guide, you can only get access after you have paid for the service and after your password account has been set up.  This is a different account than the account you may set up in our store when you are saving your orders for future reference.


Want to become part of the Piano Finders Community?  You can also register to be a Piano Finders Member at certain points in our site.  This entitles you to the privileges of buying and selling through our brokerage service on the site. You do not need to register to use most of our site.  If registration is required, you will be prompted to register for that particular service.



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