How Do You Keep Everyone Happy?

  Sometimes is it is not possible to keep everyone happy.  We realize that you probably know these things from long experience.  But, if it helps to be reminded, here are some tips:
  1. Find out why a person is putting pressure on you right now.  See if they will tell you what problem they are trying to solve and what their needs are.  Sometimes their problem can be solved in a way that doesn't require you to make a decision on buying a piano before you are ready to do it.
  2. Give clear signals to others about your intentions, priorities and the problems you are trying to solve.
  3. If it is not possible to make everyone happy, then look at your priorities and decide who is (or who are) the most important person (people) to satisfy right now.
  4. Look at the consequences of not pleasing certain people.  Can you minimize or live with the consequences?
  5. Tell the people who are putting pressure on you how it is affecting you.   If you want them to stop, ask them clearly to stop.



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