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Buyers:  When to Give in and Give up


What are some of the reasons you might want to buy a piano right now, even though you don't feel entirely comfortable with your decision.


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    1. Someone else important to you wants the piano and you want to please them more than you care about objecting to the purchase.
    2. You are frustrated with the process of buying a piano and you would rather buy now than continue to look or than to hire someone else to buy for you. This piano seems to be an acceptable choice.
    3. You have a limited time available and if you don't buy now you will suffer consequences that are unacceptable to you. This piano seems to be an acceptable choice.
    4. You feel you may never be comfortable with any piano buying decision because it is a lot of money to spend.  You have done enough research to know this is a good choice, but you are just having to deal with your emotions surrounding the purchase.
    5. You have already signed a contract and bought the piano.  Honoring your commitments is more important to you than backing out on a deal you now feel uncomfortable with.   



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