How Experts Can Help You Buy a Piano



There are experts of all sorts who can help in the buying process.  If you haven't already read the Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Piano, step six  gives you a list of the various areas of expertise people might have that will be helpful to you.


  1. Help you select a piano
  2. Help you decide between a few pianos you have narrowed your choices down to.  See Piano Finders Rating Service if you want to purchase this $15 per piano option.
  3. Inform you as to the benefits, risks and liabilities of specific piano purchases.  For items 3, 4, 5, and six, see Consultations to order this $35 service online.
  4. Educate you about the marketplace and your options. 
  5. Give you referrals to salespeople and showrooms.
  6. Help you decide where to put your piano in your room.
  7. Shop for you.
  8. Appraise a piano for you.  See Comprehensive Appraisal Service, if you want to purchase this $60 service online.
  9. Give you a ballpark price on a piano.  See Piano Finders Ballpark Pricing and Piano Information Service  if you want to purchase this $15 service online.
  10. Tell you what condition a piano is in and how much it might cost to upgrade it to its potential.  See Comprehensive Appraisal Service, if you want to purchase this $60 service online.
  We recommend that you look for the following attributes in any expert you choose:
  A. Honesty/Integrity.  We recommend that they adhere to the Piano Finders Member Code of Ethics.
  B. Competence in the areas you have asked their help on.
  C. Experience.
  D. References.
  E.. Recourse if you are dissatisfied with their services.  (i.e. Better Business Customer Care Program, or something equivalent).
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