What are your objections.


  These are typical objections that other buyers have found stopped them in the piano buying process.  It is not our intent to give you answers to all of these objections, because many of them are personal things that only you have control over.  But, by listing them, we hope to stimulate your thinking so that you will find your own objections at this time. 


  1. The action doesn't feel good to me and I don't know why or if it can be adjusted to feel better. (See Why Is My Piano Hard to Play? for more information on this subject).
  2. It costs too much.
  3. It is too complicated and overwhelming to shop for a piano right now.
  4. I have had a bad shopping experience in the past and I don't want it repeated again.
  5. Buying a piano has become less important to me than something else I want to do right now.
  6. I can't find a piano that matches my expectations or meets my needs or will please a person who I am trying to please.
  7. I can't justify the investment expense and taking my money out of other money making places to buy it.
  8. I don't trust the company/person I am buying the piano from.
  9. I don't like the way I am going about this and I need time to re-evaluate my process.
  10. I am feeling rushed and I need to slow down.
  11. I have emotional issues that have come up for me about buying a piano and I need to deal with them before proceeding.
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