Options for a Practice Piano


You may discover that it will take you longer to find the piano that you ultimately want than you feel you can afford to wait.  You, your children children or someone else important to you may need to practice the piano right away.  These are some of the options available to you if you are in this situation:

  1. Rent a piano until you find the right piano to buy.  This is usually an economical solution when the period of time you are renting is less than 1 year.  Most piano dealers have rentals.
  2. Lease to buy a piano you are interested in, but cannot decide for sure on at this time. Many piano dealers have lease to buy options
  3. Buy a piano with good resale value that you can turn around and sell for the same price you paid for it, when you find something that is better.  Search the Pianos For Sale or hire a Consultant to help you.
  4. See if there are local practice rooms available for rent by the hour. This is more often available in larger cities or university locations.
  5. Store a piano for someone else.  This usually happens because someone you know asks you to store a piano for them for a period of time.  These opportunities are hard to find if you are looking for them and don't know someone who wants a piano stored.
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