Piano Sales and Artificial Urgency

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Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you are being pressured to buy a piano now, and you don't feel ready to do it.  Manufacturers, dealers and salespeople have often times worked long and hard on finding ways to motivate people to buy now instead of later.   It can be their intent to do the following:


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    1. Create a sense of urgency to "buy now".  They do this by limiting the amount of time that pianos are available to be seen in a particular location or at a particular price.   Often times dealers (cooperating with a particular piano manufacturer) will set up situations with a local university, college, conservatory or performing arts location to have an annual sale.  You might receive a special invitation to attend a (such and such) university or opera sale.   The dealer has usually loaned a host of pianos to the institution and allowed them to use the pianos for a year for free, under condition that at the end they are allowed to conduct a weekend sale and use the institution's mailing list.  
    2. Create an illusion of scarcity.  Sometimes salespeople use various tactics to make you feel that you will never be able to find another piano you like for a reasonable price.   They play upon your fear of loss to motivate you to buy this piano now.  
    3. Create a demand for a quick decision.


    What you should know:
    1. Sales prices are usually obtainable at non-sales times if you did not attend the sale.  Dealers will usually track those who attended their sales and not allow you to buy the piano at a lower price than was advertised during the sale.  But, if you did not attend the sale, it is possible that a salesperson will give you an even better value than the sale offered and that you will have plenty of time to make your decision.
    2. Many buyers regret making a decision of such importance without adequate thought, comparison, self-knowledge and research.
    3. The "sale" environment is usually not the best place to hear the piano's sound or to take your time selecting a piano without distractions.
    4. A piano sale does not always have the best selection of pianos, nor are the pianos always in tune or at their peak condition.
    If you have done your research, know yourself, have help from competent experts who understand the market and pianos, then buying from a sale can be as good a place as any of many other types of opportunities available.  But, don't let news of a sale make you feel pressured to buy before you are ready.  There is usually more than one piano that you can be happy with that can be found at a fair price.  




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