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Price Comparision Guide

Our $35 Piano Price Comparison Guide is an invaluable tool for buying a piano. Learn More about the Price Guide

Price Shopping Strategies

When buying new products, you may be used to shopping several stores to find the best price. If you try to do this while buying a new piano, you are going to run into many problems and perhaps even end up spending far more than you would have if you approached it differently.

We want you to have a successful experience buying a piano, so we have written some tips here to help you out.

Shopping for a good price.

The piano business is a small industry, when compared to the computer industry, for example.. Unlike computers and other smaller items you have purchased, you will not usually find several stores in your area that carry the same brand. As a matter of fact, most manufacturers only give one dealer per geographical territory a right to sell their brand. And each dealer is usually restricted so that if they try to sell or advertise outside their territory, they may lose their dealership. What this means is that when you are looking for a particular brand, you may not be able to price comparison shop for the same brand in your neighborhood. And if you start contacting dealers outside your area, you may find them unwilling to work with you, or if they are, they may be violating their contract with the manufacturer

How do you get a good price when the local dealer has exclusive selling rights for the brand you are interested in?

Well, first of all, it is important to know that the dealer is usually prepared to negotiate. Although they have exclusive territory for their brand, they are also very aware that there are dealers with competitive brands in the same area, and that you may choose another brand over theirs. But how do you know what price to negotiate for? After all, the dealers set their own list prices, so their really isn't a manufacturer's suggested list price to work from. Nor is there any authorized publication that reveals wholesale prices. Piano Finders has created a Price Comparison Guide for you that will give you help in knowing what to negotiate for. With this guide, you will have the information you need to work with your local dealer and you should be able to buy a new piano at a fair price. Also, the local dealer is your resource for warranty work, moving, tuning and other services that also come with the piano.

What if you don't like your local dealer but you want the brand they sell?

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you don't want to work with the local dealer for personal reasons. If this is the case, then you may want to consult with us on what to do. With the purchase of the $35 Price Comparison Guide you also receive a free consultation. We will give you advice on how to deal with this type of situation.

What if you don't know what brand or model you want?

We have several resources online to help educate you in the buying process. Go to Education Online for access to free information to help you in your decision process.