Piano Finders

Piano Finders

Authorized Third Party Services

Piano Finders has authorized the following independent third party companies to provide services for our clients:

Check/Credit Payment Processing Services:

We have authorized the following companies to collect information from you for processing check payments online:

  • www.authorizenet.com
  • When you go to the D & R Masters, Inc.(d/b/a Piano Finders) Web Store, and click on any of the indicated payment buttons, you are leaving the Piano Finders site to enter your personal information, including your bank routing number and checking account number, necessary to write a check to Piano Finders. This information is sent to our bank so the amount you have paid can be deposited directly to the Piano Finders bank account. An email containing only your name, address and phone number and the amount you have paid is sent in confirmation to you and to Piano Finders to verify that a payment has been made. Your checking account number and bank routing number are not sent to you or to us by email, so as to protect your privacy. If you want to read the privacy policy for authorize.net, it can be found at the following link: Authorize.net Privacy Policy

Escrow Services:

Piano Finders has authorized the following companies to provide escrow services for our buyers and sellers:

  1. Any escrow agencies you elect that is located in California are regulated by California State Law. You can verify an escrow agency's license by doing a search on their name at the California Department of Corporations. If you hire an escrow company to handle a piano transaction, you will be providing them the necessary personal information to conduct the transaction. This information is not done over Piano Finders website at this time, but is handled by mail and fax, as appropriate.
  2. In some cases, Piano Finders may authorize an attorney to handle escrow arrangements for a piano transaction where the seller's piano belongs to an estate that is in probate. We require that any attorney handling escrow be licensed by the State Bar Association where they are practicing law. In the State of California, you can check the status of an attorney's license at the following website: State Bar of California.
  3. Piano Finders will also handle some escrow transactions when we are serving in the role of broker between both the buyer and seller. See Privacy Policy for Piano Finders policies on collecting your personal information.

Piano Movers:

If a piano is being moved, you will need to give the movers your name, address and phone number so they can make arrangements for pick up and delivery. This information is not collected by piano movers over Piano Finders website at this time, but is handled by mail and fax, as appropriate. These are some of the piano movers we have worked with in the past. For any mover that you choose to use, it is wise to obtain their current License numbers and check to make sure their insurance and license is up to date with the regulating agency.

Keyboard Connection
(moves within California)
888-741-7347, 209-838-0393
23005 East Highway 12, Escalon, CA 953200
P.U.C. Lic. # 180952 (also called Cal-T #)
C.A. Lic.#151811
Insured by Colony Insurance Company
Tom's Piano Movers
(moves in S.F. Bay Area)
P.O. Box 21106, Concord, CA 94521
P.U.C. Lic. #111238
CA Lic. # 187296
Insured by Farmers Insurance Company
Schafer Brothers Movers
(moves across U.S & in California)
1981 East 213 Street, Carson, CA 90749
P.U.C. Lic. #117609
I.C.C. Lic.#185162
Insured by Royal Indemnity Insurance Co.

If You Wish to Verify the Licensure of any Interstate Piano Mover call the Department of Transportation for Federal Highways at 916-498-2760

If You Wish to Verify the Licensure of Any California Piano Mover call Public Utilities Commission to verify at 415-703-2062 (for P.U.C. License - used pianos)

Call Highway Patrol for CA License. 916-445-2782

Call Department of Motor Vehicles to verify at 916-657-8153 (for C.A. License - new pianos)

If you Wish to Read the Laws that piano movers are regulated by, click on Law applicable to Piano Movers.

If you wish to file a complaint on a piano mover who has moved a piano within the State of California, you can go to the following link at the Public Utilities Commission.