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    *First Name
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  • Do you have a specific question about a decision you have to make or a particular situation you are faced with that you would like to tell us?

  • Fill out the following information about the piano you want us to evaluate.You only need to fill out information that you know.  Leave blank any items you do not know:

    Upright Size::  Inches
    Grand Size Feet Inches

    If you need help measuring your piano, see How to Measure a Piano

    Serial #

    If you need help finding the serial number of a piano, see How to Find a Serial Number on an Upright or Grand.

    Finish  Color::
    Sheen of  Finish: 
    Finish Veneer if Wood Grain shows

    If this is a player piano, what does it use to play music?


    Are there any cabinet defects? Select any of the following options that apply:

    Nicks, chips, scratches, gouges
    White or other water spots
    Alligatoring or flaking of finish
    Sun bleaching
    Wood damage
    Loose veneer
    Fire, smoke or water damage
    Cabinet parts in poor condition
    Cabinet parts missing
    Hardware that is tarnished, loose or broken
    Hardware that is missing

    How many total keys (naturals+sharps) does the piano have?

    Keytop  Condition:

    Do the keytops have any of the following? Select options that apply:

    Cracks, chips, splits
    Loose keytops
    Missing keytops or fronts
    Chipped sharps, paint coming off sharps
    Worn keytops or sharps


    Do all 
    keys work?

     Last time it
     was tuned?

    Has the piano ever had major work (rebuilding, restringing, parts replacement or major action work)" If so, describe:

    If you know the history, please describe where the piano has been and where it is currently located. Include any history you think is important:



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