Step by Step Guide to Buying a Piano
Three:  Choose Your Search Criteria

Going out to look at pianos, or even just searching the Internet and seeing all the different websites, dealers, manufacturers and models available can give you a bit of sensory overload.  Some people feel that they need to go to dealer's showrooms and see, play or hear a lot of pianos before they narrow down their search.  Some people want to do their narrowing down of the search before they go to the store.   They feel it will save them time and because all of the things that happen in a store environment might distract them from getting the information they need to know what they are looking for.  However you need to do things, it may be helpful to have a search criteria that you continue to update as you research or shop.   

It can be helpful to look at our list of Pianos for Sale to see what is available.  You can look at this list from many different angles, including by price and by rating.  Exploring this list can help you to realize what some of the possibilities are and what you can expect to pay for what you are getting.

This form will be a record of what you know today about what you will and won't consider.     Limiting what you are looking for can be helpful when there are lot of choices.  But, if you discover that you can't find very many pianos available in your search criteria, you may want to modify various selections to see what the results are.



  1. Which brands of pianos will I consider:

    Mason & Hamlin
    Young Chang
    Other American made pianos
    Other German made pianos
    Other Japanese made pianos
    Pianos made in countries not listed above
    I don't know what brands to consider
    I will consider all brands

  2. Which is the smallest size piano I will consider?

  3. Which is the largest size piano I will consider?

  4. What is the least amount of money I think I will need to pay to get what I want?

  5. What is the most amount of money I am willing to pay to get what I want?

  6. What kind of condition does the piano need to be in for me to consider it?

    Comprehensively Rebuilt & Refinished to Like-New Condition
    Used and needs no work that will affect tone
    Used and needs no work that will affect touch
    Used and can need work as long as it will be done before delivery
    Used and can need work in future, as long it is playable now
    Used and needs rebuilding and/or refinishing as long as I know what it needs before I buy it.

  7. What cabinet colors will I consider?

    light brown
    medium brown
    dark brown
    reddish brown
    yellow brown

  8. What cabinet sheens will I consider?

    High Polish
    Semi-Gloss (Shiny)
    Matte (Satin)

  9. What cabinet styles will I consider?

    Vintage Classic
    French Provincal
    Queen Anne
    Art Case

  10. How soon do I need this piano?

  11. The following describes other important preferences I have about the piano I am looking for:


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