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Bronze Selling Service.  

  1. What is this service?

  2. How long will it take for Piano Finders to complete this service?

  3. How much does this service cost?

  4. How and when do you pay?

  5. Will you benefit from using this service?

  6. What are the reasons you may not want to use this service?

  7. Why should you hire Piano Finders to perform this service?

  8. How do you order this service now?

  9. Samples of this service

1)      What is the service?  

  • We provide you the online selling tools and access to our buyers through  our website database. 

  • You do the selling.  

  • We provide the legal contracts and escrow service for you to make the transaction once the sale is made, if the buyer wants the escrow option.  

  • You plan your own selling strategy and can list the piano at any price you choose.  This is a non-exclusive selling option.  

  • You can list your piano with us and with others simultaneously.    

  • You pay us a 10% commission on the ACTUAL Gross Sale Price of the Piano, if it is sold to a buyer you acquired through our service.  

  • You do not pay us a commission if the piano is not sold as a result of a Piano Finders Referral.

  • You do pay for any extra Selling Service Options, a la carte (these are free with the Silver and Gold Selling Service Options: 


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2)      How long will it take for Piano Finders to complete this service?

When you sign the Bronze Selling Service Agreement, you are listing the piano with us until it is sold or until you notify us that you have taken it off the market.  Piano Finders is providing a venue for you to sell your piano through our website.  You and the buyer are responsible for making the sale happen.  If the buyer elects to use the escrow service, then we are handling the contracts and escrow arrangements for your transaction.

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3)      How much does this service cost? 

  • 10% Commission on the Actual Gross Sale Price of the Piano if you sell the piano to a Piano Finders Referred Buyer.  No commission is due otherwise.

  • Piano Finders fees may apply if you have not notified us that the piano has sold within 7 days of the date it has sold.  

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4)      How and when do you pay?

  •       If a commission is due, you pay the commission within 7 days of the date the piano sold, if you handled the cash transaction yourself.  If you and the buyer use the escrow services, then the escrow company pays us the commission at the end of escrow.

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5)      Will you benefit from using this service?

Piano sellers anywhere in the world can use this service.   This service may be appropriate for your needs if :

  • You want buyers who shop on the Internet to know about your piano. 

  • You don't mind talking to the potential buyers yourself.  You feel that you will be able to represent your piano well.

  • You have enough time to screen the potential buyers and keep your posting updated on our website.  

  • You monitor your email on a regular basis and will be able to respond to potential buyer's requests within 3 business days.

  • You are also promoting and advertising your piano through other services at the same time.  You appreciate the fact that Piano Finders will only charge you a commission if you sell to a Piano Finders Referred Buyer.

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 6)      What are the reasons you may not want to use this service?

  • You don't want to deal with the public directly.  You would prefer someone else educate and screen the buyers and manage the complete sales transaction.  The Silver or Gold Selling Services might be more appropriate.

  • You are a piano salesperson and cannot pay the 10% commission because the dealer/broker you work for only authorizes you to pay a much lower percentage for referrals. Contact us through our Help Desk and introduce yourself and the situation.

  • You already have a buyer for the piano and simply need services to help complete the transaction, to buy a bench, to receive some consultation on the transaction details.  Look at our Services and Products Section for further options.

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7)      Why should you hire Piano Finders to perform this service?

These are some of the reasons why Piano Finders can offer you a superior service:

  • Buyers Trust Piano Finders and are more likely to purchase a piano through our service than through regular advertising mediums or auctions.  

  • Our Site Reaches a World Wide Market  for your piano.  With over 1 million hits on our site, we are constantly receiving inquiries.  We currently have a list of buyers looking for a piano for sale.

  • We provide safe and efficient transactions for both buyer and seller .   Our over 18 years of experience has helped us to design a system of contracts and procedures that help encourages all parties to perform as agreed and clearly spells out all the expectations for every participant.

  • We have many people referring buyers to our site.  Over the past 18 years, our reputation for quality service has inspired piano teachers, technicians, salespeople, brokers and dealers and former clients to refer people to our site.  

  • Our Process Works.   We have now sold many pianos on our website and have a proven track record for successful transactions and customer satisfaction.   

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8)    How do you order this service now?

Ordering this service is very simple.  Click here and begin entering your piano for sale. 

9)     Samples of this service.

Read the Bronze Selling Service Agreement  with its associated links to understand how transactions will happen.  Buyers may submit a Piano Purchase Offer, if they elect to use our escrow services.

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