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Services and Products

Piano Finders offers a variety of services, designed to fit your need.  

  1. Pianos for Sale

  2. Piano Advice Online

  3. Ballpark Price & Piano Information Service

  4. Piano Rating and Consultation Service

  5. Comprehensive Appraisal Service

  6. Consultations

  7. Free Information

  8. Piano Finders Shopping Service

  9. Piano Price Comparison

  10. Piano Repairs, Rebuilding and Refinishing

  11. Discussion Board

  12. Selling Service Options

Piano Advice Online:

A Piano Advice Online Consultant can help you understand which of our services will be most appropriate to your need and situation.  Use our Help Desk for advice online.

A lot of information is available in this website, but if you are have having difficulty finding what you need, do not hesitate to send us an email with a detailed description of your situation: (you can also phone or fax us, or write to us, at the numbers or address at the bottom of this page.)

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Ballpark Price and Piano Information Service

Our Ballpark Price and Piano Information Service gives you quick answers to questions you may have about a piano.  After filling out a form on a piano you are inquiring about, you will receive four different values for the piano (replacement value, current market value, wholesale and value after improvements).   You will also receive the age, some information about the manufacturer and an answer to a specific question you may have about a piano situation you are currently dealing with.  In addition, we tell you what your options are if you want buy, sell or improve the condition of the piano.   See Tell Me More for further information.

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Piano Rating and Consultation Service

If you have already done the shopping yourself and just need help choosing between a few pianos that you have selected, then you might be interested in having us rate the pianos you have chosen and give you our advice as to which one might be the best for your needs.  We will tell you what the pros and cons are between the pianos you have chosen and any information that might be vital to your decision.  You also might find it helpful to have a piano that you already own or plan to sell rated against the Piano Finders Standard (Fee $15 for each piano compared).   See Tell Me More for additional information.

Comprehensive Appraisal Service

Whether you are buying, selling or an owner of a piano, it is often necessary to have an inspection and appraisal done to find out a piano's condition, value and what it takes to put it in top shape.  We offer a comprehensive 200-point inspection and evaluation of a piano’s condition that includes reports on.  Currently this service is only available to those within the San Francisco Bay Area, or who are willing to pay someone to travel from the San Francisco Bay Area to the location of the pianoSee Tell Me More for further information about this service.

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If you are buying a piano, you can have the assistance of an expert to help guide you through the maze.  Whether you are at the beginning and need help before you go out to search, or you have already done a lot of research and just need some help deciding between the choices you have selected, it can be helpful to have access to someone who knows the values of pianos and what all the issues are.  A consultation can save you time and money, as well as inform you of the risks and potential problems you may not have been aware of.  You are welcome to ask some preliminary questions at no charge if you are uncertain as whether a consultation might be right for you.  Please use our Help Desk if you are ready to explore this option further.  See Tell Me More for further information about this service.

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Free Information:

Piano Finders is constantly uploading new information on this website for buyers, sellers and piano owners that can be helpful in giving you answers to your questions and explaining the options available to you.  There are more than 100 pages of photos and educational material within this site.  The best ways to explore the site are to use the buttons on the side bar labeled buyers, sellers, owners, etc.  You can also go directly to the index, located on the header and look at all the documents at a glance

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Piano Finders Shopping Service:

Piano Finders Shopping Service provides you with a easy way to get a quality piano at a reasonable price.  Buying a piano can be a complicated process if you do everything on your own.  The Piano Finders Shopping Service takes care of the details that protect your interests and save you time.   Click on Piano Finders Shopping Service to see the options currently available.   

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Piano Price Comparison Guide

For an invaluable guide to the piano brands and models available for sale on today's market place, you can check out the Piano Price Comparison Guide.  It will give you the price ranges you should expect to pay for what you get as well as other valuable information. 

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Piano Repairs, Rebuilding and Refinishing:

If  you are thinking of improving the appearance, touch, tone, durability or investment value of a piano, we can help you understand your options so you can make the best choice.  Piano Finders provides the full spectrum of piano repair, rebuilding and remanufacturing and refinishing services to take care of anything your piano might need.  Check out the section titled: Piano Finders:  Rebuilding the Vintage Piano for a detailed photo history of our rebuilding process.  Moving arrangements are possible to Piano Finders shops for reasonable wholesale prices from anywhere in the contiguous United States.  If you wish to discuss the details of your situation: Contact Us.  Further information about this service will be added as a link to this page soon. 

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 Connecting piano people around the world.

Our Discussion Board will give you an opportunity to discuss piano related subjects of interest to you and to meet some of the other wonderful people in the world of pianos.   If you want to know more about our services and how we can help you, it would be better to send us an email instead of posting on the board.  

Selling Service Options

Piano Finders offers several options for you if you want to sell your piano.   These services allow you to list your piano for sale on our website as well as have access to our expertise and help in selling your piano in an effective and timely manner.  See Selling Service Options for more information.

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